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Tuesday Tidbits

Greetings all and happy Tuesday. Apparently Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, which means 6 more weeks of winter but that's tolerable - 6 weeks can pass in an instant!
Case in point... in the spirit of Groundhog Day, I'm popping up out of my hidden home. Several months ago, I pledged to one day add photos of creation station. Well, it's been that long since I've had the time to sit down at the blog screen and put the fingers in motion to type, much less take photos, download, etc... Today is the day, finally, that I keep my word.

Here is one wall of the main office where we keep jewelry organized by product, size and color. Okay, so admittedly, it's where we TRY to keep it all that organized. Products are always coming and going, usually too fast to catalog for an office without a full blown admin staff. Our current management and staff is usually much too occupied with crafty endeavors. Ahem...
I guess it beats solitaire and office gossip - or blabbering on a web blog. Oh wait...

The beading all starts in room #2, otherwise named Mel's beading porch. We have an 80' long glass encased front porch and half of it is filled with jewelry tools, crafting materials, and beads galore. Here's a little sample of one bead box shelf and one of the supply shelves. Mel would strangle me with 7 strand wire if I took photos of her entire area. It's a little messy - umm, most of the time...
But she can make more in an hour than I can make in a year, so I keep anal retentive complaining to a minimum.

This is half of room #3:
My sewing room. It sort of speaks for itself, I suppose. This sewing hobby has morphed into a full blown obsession. When I'm not on the computer trying to type an appealing blog, I'm flipping through fabrics and pretending to be a project runway winner.  Somehow I don't think Michael Kors would appreciate patchwork on the runway.

So there you have it, our 3 room shop.
And I've blogged for the first time in months.
That's two resolutions to cross off the list. Only 333 more to go...