Here goes nothin'

Well, here I sit, wondering what the hey I have to say that will be worthwhile reading for any number of 'followers". The idea itself admittedly triggers a giggle. I am, after all, historically the quiet chick at the window who avoids attention like a plague of locusts and loses countless minutes staring into the sunny sky pondering astrological remedy and omenology. As you may have surmised, this is my first foray into blogging, so it should be a scream for all who dare to enter - or for me at least if none happen upon my addled brain-to-fingers spillage...

I'll start with this: I love Kitaro. I mean really love. I mean feel his music to the core of my bones, can't believe the spirit speaks so stirringly through each of the gazillion instruments he has mastered without a single formal class. Thinking of You has been called one of the most beautiful cd's of all time. I'm so psyched that someone agrees with me. So if you hadn't guessed, I'm listening to it now. If you never have, I highly recommend it. This is what I listen to when I hope to be inspired, or when I light a candle and run a bubbly bath, or when the cd six pack hits permanent fixture
disc number 6. There's a stack that remains close to the magazine but a couple never leave. Time will likely reveal them...

I'll end with this: I'm making a blog because my sis is an amazing maker of things. She's not the best at taking pictures or hawking them to the masses. She doesn't really care about that kind of thing. All she wants to do is create. And because I so want the world to see her stuff and see a few bodies wearing it, shyness notwithstanding, I'm gonna swoop into the web ether and share a few of my favorites. I'm not a spammer, scammer, etc... I've even been tagged as the lady who wouldn't try to sell a hammer to a carpenter who left his on the roof in the rain. Oh well. No pressure. This is simply a social experiment of sorts anyway. And who knows, if you hang out enough, you may get to read me venting in the middle of a scathing sister fight - until I grab the headphones and blast Kitaro. :P

BTW (Did I mention I'm a texting maniac), the barefoot sandals in the corner by the window were made by Mel and I'll let you guess who's wearing them. Hint: Not Hi


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, you seem to be as talented a writer as your sister is an artist.

  2. Thank you Jeanne! For the kind welcome and the compliments! It's my stream of consciousness keyboard drivel, that's all :)