So I've been thinking about a couple of things from last night that I let slide into the world wide readership I don't have. Anyway, first I should more specifically address what happens during and after a sister fight. I clarify because it matters.
First, fight actually means argument. No throwing, hitting, kicking, etc... Disagreements don't lead to bodily injury. Just clearing that up... She is after all, my life long best friend.
Second, I do indeed grab my headphones but only after the vocal cords are nearly blown and I've exhausted every possible communication tactic I learned in my vast collection of Carl Jung psychology volumes. He was a genius. I'm not.
What I didn't reveal is that Mel grabs one of her many bead boxes, or a canvas, or a wad of clay, or any number of things in her vast collection of creator volumes. Believe me, she has an arsenal. We live together and two rooms of our house are craft rooms. A third is an office with hundreds of her creations inventoried or hanging on pegboards like a workshop. Okay, so that room is a workshop. As soon as I get around to fixing the light in there, I'll snap a photo and plaster it here for proof. My point, which keeps getting obscured in the tangents, is that she's still able to create when she's angry or upset. It's such a beautiful thing that she can make beautiful things for catharsis. Don't get me wrong. She wasn't mad at me or anyone else when she crafted that adorable pair of barefoot sandals I'm sneaking around in up there on the bottom of the blog page. She can create ANY time. I suspect she could even create in her sleep - aside from dreaming of upcoming creations. I may sneak in her room tonight and slip a pen into her hand and see if she wakes me up in the morning to show me a masterpiece. Check this out:
She imagined this illustration many years ago when I accused her of only seeing things in black and white. I had her so confuzzled and irritated. Little did I know that as soon as I simply left her alone, she would grab a pen and go with the flowing doodle of mankind's black and white divided mind. More recently, she discovered the wonders of shrinking actual images into pendant sized wearable art and I reminded her of that two decade old drawing. This is a reproduction of the original but it's rather spot on. As soon as I figure out how to hyperlink the image to our etsy shop, I'll get on it. Right now I'm patting myself on the back because I know it's called a hyperlink. Heh. Hey wait, I think I just figured it out. Could you click on it and make sure for me? Thanks!
Okay, the proverbial air is clear. Hindsight usually is - relative to our perspectives anyway. :)

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