Sewing 101

So I just learned how to sew last month. Admittedly, I'm far from fantastic but my first project was a patchwork skirt/dress. Am I crazy? No. The long story goes a little something like this...
I've previously mentioned that we have three craft rooms in the house. Did I mention that one of them has several floor to ceiling shelves of recycled fabric? No, I'm not kidding. We contacted a few interior designers last year and they were only too happy to unload piles of what they called 'scrap' for our stacking pleasure. Mel subsequently hopped on the rolling bowling ball and began cutting many into 4" squares and arranging them for us to assemble into patchwork clothing. A friend of ours committed to the seamstress duties.
Meanwhile, Mel & I were Walmart'ing one afternoon and stumbled into the fabric section, where we proceeded to stock up on feminine John Deere and pink camo fabric so Mel could design a hippie-hick patchwork dress for me. The friend/seamstress never came through for us, so I got tired of looking at my designed-but-not-assembled garment and tackled the giant task of learning to sew, using it as my first project. Voila! Hippie, hick, chic.

It's lined, custom cut (the pattern was the human body) and has a slit in the back. I prefer to wear it as a skirt: Now that the long overdue task of completion is, well.... complete, I've moved on to bigger and more difficult projects. No, no, no, that isn't true. I've moved on to smaller and easier things.

I'll photo and post tomorrow. For now, I'm off to clean craft room #2. It saw a fair amount of clay play today.


  1. 3 craft rooms? I am jealous. YOu first sewing project looks very nice - it's not really your first project, is it?

  2. I was looking for your etsy store.

    As you get more confident on blogging and hyperlinks, etc. - here is a tutorial I wrote on putting the mini-etsy on your blog. Good Luck. I try to share it because it took me so long to figure out!


  3. Wow, thank you so much for the etsy mini info! I just tried it and it works! --->
    Excellent directions, Ma'am! Merci, merci!

    I swear, the hippy hick drawstring sack was my very first machine sewn project. I didn't happen to mention all the obvious errors in stitching, uneven lines, etc... It isn't fit to sell and I get a big kick out of pointing out all the errors to my family and friends but yes, it was my first project. I've practiced like a jock and gotten much better since - at least on sewing in a straight line. :)